Dishwashing Holder - 2nd sorting - Neutral/No color

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    H 20 x L 30 x D 10 cm

    Please note: This product is of 2nd sorting - meaning the product has some visible faults such as deviations in product dimensions, color differences and visible glue. Failure is primarily experienced on the hanger that is intended for hanging cloths. The hanger can be perceived to be crooked, differ in color and have visible glue where it is stuck to the rest of the product.

    This dishwashing kit in terrazzo is a all in one dishwashing kit, that ensure room for all you need at your kitchen sink.

    The storage part is scratch-free and cleaning friendly.

    Wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid acidic substances that can stain the material.

    Please be careful not to lift the product by the rack that is intended for dishcloths. The product is not durable enough for this. Lifting the product in this way may cause the product to break. We do not consider this a claim.